1 New One Trip Container - They are used once before they reach their destination. These boxes have been loaded with cargo one time and have made a singe trip.

2 Cargo Worthy Container - A cargo worthy storage container has been inspected and carries a cargo worthy or seaworthy certification; meaning is is structurally sound enough to be stacked up to seven containers high and used for transport. A cargo worthy container will be wind and water tight and will also be suitable to transport goods on the open water. You can expect solid floors, minimum surface rust on the exterior, functioning doors, straighter walls and no major structural repairs. Most customers purchase these for tiny home builds, storage, animal feed etc..

3 A Wind and water tight (WWT) container - This is the lowest condition container and the most common purchased unit. This is great for just storage or feed for animals. No wind or water can penetrate the interior of the container. Container will have some surface rust and dents present. Doors will function; floor repairs and sections in the ceiling, may have been repaired to make unit wind and water tight.